5 Simple Tips for Designing Better iPhone Apps

Creating an iPhone app requires a lot of skills and a great deal of expertise. You need to brainstorm your way if you want to produce an app that can stand out from the clutters. You have to pay attention to the aesthetics and design features.

You have to be careful about the functionality and performance. There are thousands of high quality apps being created every day and to make your app survive the tough battles of competition your work ought to be perfect and flawless.

Secondly, do keep an eye on the changing trends and techniques. Your app should not be outdated or have unattractive touches. It should be full of creativity and has an appealing feel. So, now let’s begin the guide to learn about the five simple ways you can draw the attention of your target users and increase the revenue generation on the App Store.

Wireframe Your App

The first and the foremost step is to create the complete skeleton of your app. You have to think as to how you need to build it. For that, you can carry out extensive research and gather points and features that can give your app a professional look.

Your app is your gateway to explore the many businesses, and it must be great. From the design features to the color intensity, you need to know everything. You can use different tools and software and roughly draw the design layout as to where the call to action is supposed to be placed and how the different buttons are to be arranged.

Lastly, when designing there wireframe, you need to think from the user’s perspective. You need to bring ease in navigation and plan to create a seamless interface. You have to judge your creation critically much like the experts at the iPhone App Development Company.

Work On Adjusting The Main Purpose Of The Page

Every page of an app has a single purpose to serve. The page is divided into primary and secondary functions. For instance, the primary function of the mail is to let users read the mail. They click the mail easily as it is so big and prominent and read the context. However, there are secondary options as well, to view the inbox and other folders and to compose a new email. Now all such buttons are placed around the page beginning from the top right corner and going all the way towards the left button. So, in this way divide the core purpose and organize your app professionally.

Finger-Sized Taps & Buttons

The standard size for making buttons and taps for an iPhone app is minimum 44x44px. You need to understand the fact that you are creating buttons and taps for fingers and thumbs. You are not making them for cursors or pointers. The taps should have the thickness and space to allow a thumb to click efficiently. It should not be so tiny that one finds it difficult to use.

It will influence the credibility of your app. Moreover, in order to make them clickable, you must not make them extra large or bigger than usual. Simply keep the beauty enclosed in the design while making each button perform well.

Customize Your Buttons

Though everything looks good when placed in the Iphone’s interface but still you must not opt for default buttons. You need to customize the buttons according to the graphics and color of your app. Your buttons and every single option should go well with your graphics to highlight uniformity. In many apps, developers pay little attention to choosing the right button types, you need to throw a professional outlook and highlight elevated standards of your work. So, use customized buttons.

Put Features to Add Ease

You have to create ease and efficiency in the navigation of your app. You have to add features that can bring comfort in using your application. For instance, if it is a reading app with lots of eBook in it. Then you need to add an option to zoom the text. You must add buttons light highlighter, pin text, bookmark page, and things that can add more comfort ion the user experience. You have to think of the ways how you can please your users and make their app experience an unforgettable one.

In a Nutshell

When producing an app there are few aspects that never go away no matter what trend hits the market. You have to design and develop for the users. You have to think for them and create an app that can stand on their expectation and serve their unique needs. You have to step outside the limitation and think hard to produce something unique from the clutters.

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