Are you having an old generation laptop or PC, like having a 2ndu00a0or 3rdu00a0generation? Planning to buy a new laptop or PC up to the latest generation, but having low budget.

Buying the latest generation laptop costs about 1000$ if you are planning to buy a 7thGeneration. But if you are low on budget and donu2019t want to buy a new one, so you can upgrade your current old generation just like the speed of the newer one.

We have figured out a way by which you can increase the speed and performance of your old generation laptop just like the newest version just by spending as low as 150$.

1)tSwitching to SSD(Solid State Drive):

Solid State Drives are the new evolution in the market of Storage Devices. Unlike HDDs, Solid State Drive provides the speed of about 5x greater than the normal HDDs, resulting in huge improvement in the performance of a Laptop or PC. Switching your laptop Hard Drive from HDD to SSD will make a huge impact on the speed of your Laptop, even if your laptop is a 1st, 2ndu00a0or 3rdu00a0Generation model.

The improvement that Solid State Drive accompanies are:

  • Boot Up Time:

The boot up time of your Laptop will increase, suppose on HDD, your laptop is taking about 50 seconds to fully boot to the desktop screen, switching to SSD will increase your boot up speed to about 10 seconds.

  • Improvement in Apps opening or loading speed:

Huge variation in Apps opening, Data transfer rate, and Installing apps will occur while switching to SSD.

Buying a 250 GB SSD usually cost less than 70$, you can use a 1TB HDD and a 250 GB or 120 GB SSD at the same time. Most laptop usually come with option to insert a second hard drive.

2) Increasing the RAM:

Second main thing to increase the performance of your laptop is to upgrade your RAM, RAM are the essential part of a Laptop, and it gives space to Applications to open. Most of the laptops and PCs are having 4 gigs of RAM, which is compared very low as compared to the latest generation laptops and PCs.

Most of the Apps and Games nowadays require at least 8 gigs of RAM, so upgrading your laptop RAM while highly increase the performance of your Laptop.

Buying 8 gigs of RAM usually costs as low as 50$, but while buying be make sure to check the capability of the RAM to your Laptop.

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